Friday, July 20, 2012

If Fred Willard had been a teacher for the ABCUSD, he'd still have his job

Fred Willard, the 72-year-old star of “Best in Show” and “A Mighty Wind,” among countless other comic roles, was arrested Wednesday night at Hollywood's Tiki Theater when vice cops allegedly saw him with his genitals exposed and in his hand. 

The charges, lewd and lascivious behavior and indecent exposure. 

And even though no trial date has been set and Willard hasn't been convicted of anything, the arrest led to Willard being fired from his job as narrator of PBS's new show "Market Warriors." 

Interesting, because when then Leal Elementary school teacher Kevin Kirby was arrested for those exact same charges involving a similar situation and convicted on trespassing, the ABC Unified School District didn't fire him.  No, not even when he was barred from 100 yards of a public school, library, park, etc. in the City of Long Beach, they just moved him to Stowers Elementary School where he went on to make suicide and death threats towards two of his fellow teachers before being paid off to leave quietly into the night. 

Now we're not saying actor and comedian Fred Willard should have been fired from PBS but we are pointing out the similarities in his situation with those of a teacher responsible for children on a day to day basis. While Fred Willard was not in direct contact with kindergarten children as we know it, PBS still wasted no time in firing him.  

So why can't a school district take the same actions towards one of their teachers who actually is in contact with children everyday?

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